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A Financial Writer & Digital Content Creator with Over a Decade of Experience

Over the years, I have worked on projects across various industries, but my specialty and personal passion lie in financial writing. I excel at taking complex financial topics and breaking them down into relatable, everyday language. I have leveraged this skill when working with companies in the financial services industry to help them increase their conversion rate and define their brand's presence. My clients include cryptocurrency companies, mortgage brokers, investment advisors, and wealth, financial, and retirement planners. 

Understanding that finances and numbers are not everyone's strong suit, I know my writing brings great value to the companies I work for and the end users. My background allows me to combine the best of both worlds - mixing financial proficiency with compelling copywriting to keep readers engaged. 

I have a Bachelor's degree with a double major in Finance and Economics from the University of Calgary. With a true entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in me, I have owned and operated multiple businesses, including an eCommerce store, an export-import management company, and my own writing services business. Combined with my education, this hands-on business experience has enriched my financial perspective and business mentality, which are reflected in my writing. 

I have completed hundreds of writing assignments and am always happy to provide reference pieces upon request. If you have a writing task that you require assistance with, please get in touch! I am always eager to take on new projects and continue to diversify my portfolio and experience.

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